There was a full survey of nearby houses Villas Michelson


During the month continued visual inspection of buildings on the street. Pushkin, 31 to 33, 39 to fix their technical condition. May 18 was the final stage of the process before the restoration work. Specialists of the State Research Institute of Building Structures reviewed building at ul. Pushkinskaya 33.


Compared with the previous two buildings, at first glance, it is in the best condition. Although there are some flaws: cracks, corrosion on the walls. In the attic to get, unfortunately, could not – it was locked. The lack of a key, even in the housing department workers, threatens the life of the residents in case of emergencies such as fire, flood, etc.

Despite all the confusion that arose at the beginning of, the residents all the same, with the understanding react to the Institute attempts to fix the technical condition of their homes for safe living.


We thank the staff housing office “Michael” for assistance and fruitful work.


Currently, experts analyzed data for all three buildings to put them in a special register and secure for future surveillance of buildings during the project. Immediately after receiving the conclusions of “Pushkin House” to begin the second phase of preparation for restoration work.