The meeting with Konstantin Kafiev


Pushkin House” is always open to visitors. From time to time there are going to “neighbors” Michelson. Thus, recently there was a meeting initiated by NEST, which has no experience to which the restoration of old buildings and a partner LLC “Pushkin House” to revive Villas Michelson.


The most exciting question – how will affect the future of the neighboring houses, said Konstantin Kafiyev, head of the project department of Research Institute of Building Structures. He also explained that during the work will be used modern technology which allows silent and without destructive consequences for others to carry out emergency response work. All the neighboring houses were inspected in the summer and are under the supervision of the institute, therefore, is a complete understanding of what they are dealing. “The delay in starting work could be fatal to the building, which has historical significance – time rainfall, wind does not contribute to strengthening structures” – said the expert.



Residents interested in terms of the work, and what will become of accomplishment. We talked about changing the face of the quarter and the risks that may arise. All questions answered Project Manager John Vereshchaka who actively encouraged to participate in such meetings to obtain information on everything that happens, from professionals and reliable sources. Victoria Yakovlev, Advisor to CEO of NEST, invited the new meeting, which is scheduled next year. And also informed that familiar with long NIISK activities, conducting work on the site Villas Michelson and in the newspaper “a good neighbor”.